Photo courtesy of Annie Cobb

Photo courtesy of Annie Cobb

Contributing Artists

A rising tide lifts all ships.  I believe in supporting others.  I believe in women helping women, people helping people and the responsibility of people helping planet.  I believe that you get what you give but periodically we should give for no personal gain besides the happiness it brings and the hope that it will spread.  When I feature an artist they are appreciated, paid and exposed for the unique and talented contributor that they are.  I understand I possess a platform but I am not possessive of that platform.  It is a gift and when used appropriately I can help myself and others.  I never wish to monopolize but to share.  Because as I have engrained in my children, sharing is caring. 

- Holly Fiske


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Annie Cobb | Anna Marie Photography LLC

@annamariephotollc.mylife |

I go by Annie, my birth name was Anna Marie which is why my company name is Anna Marie Photography. I've always loved everything about taking photos. I have been perfecting my art for about a decade. I'm a mom of a glowing little rascal, her name is Rylee. It's the best Job I've ever had, most challenging and most rewarding. I have a huge respect for women, the beauty that they have, the strength they have, especially my fellow mamas. Taking photos of women in a fitness product has been very rewarding, they feel confident and comfortable and it shows in these lifestyle images. I look forward to more projects with upsidedownmama, AKA Holly my fun cool and driven childhood friend.

  Moon Chakra

Moon Chakra

Jessica Alderson | Alder Photography 

Hi guys, my name is Jess! I currently live in Seattle and am always dreaming about new places to fall for. Anything photography, outdoors, adventurous, or culturally inspiring is my jam. Along with love. I love the love stuff! And wine. I created the Moon Chakra as a healing project. The phases of the moon often coincide with our lives and we are inevitably deeply affected by it. I chose images for each phase of natural spaces from my favorite places around the world that bring me peace and balance. I am dancing in my pants that Holly chose to feature the design on the crop! 

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  "Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon, time goes."    -John Updike

"Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon, time goes."

-John Updike

  Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon

Austyn Heinlein | Fixed Fire Art

@fixedfireart |

Born and raised in Washington State, Austyn’s artwork is a reflection of the landscape and lifestyle of the PNW. She and her partner, Aaron, and their dog, Yuki, soak up life in the heart of the Cascade Mountains and the waters of the Puget Sound.

“Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon, Time Goes.” I meditate on this poem by John Updike like a mantra when my mind feels stuck. This art piece represents the continuous cycles and balance of the sun and the moon. When we feel paralyzed by man-made constraints, or our own mind traps, we can connect back to the flow of nature and trust that we too are filled with the same forward-moving divine energy. In my art, I create collages of the natural world to inspire us through it's symbolism. 

  Photos courtesy of Annie Cobb

Photos courtesy of Annie Cobb

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