Upside Down Ebook Bundle


Upside Down Ebook Bundle


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The Book of Handstands

A photographic guide to strength building, the Ashtanga Primary Series, 30 handstand shape flashcards and 30 handstand flows and more…

All the tools you need to get started and all the information you need to grow; verbal and visual charts, posters and more. Fun flows and in-depth flashcards for 30 different Handstand variations.  Anatomical verbal and visual breakdowns designed to give you break throughs. 

Fun visual charts include: The Handstand Gaze Chart, Avoiding Wrist Pain: The Pressure Point Plan,Taking a Closer Look - visual aids to common handstand cues, The 7 Basic Loops of Alignment, Anatomical Terms Reference Chart and more.

Drills Include: Using Props, Warm-Ups and Strength Building, Alignment Drills, Using The Wall, How to Fall, an entire supported inversion flow using the Yoga Body Trapeze and more.

Special thanks for contributions from Yoga Medicine Founder Tiffany Cruikshank on inversions and Nicky Bienstock who delves into the fascinating subject: The Neurophysiology of Pranayama. 

By: Holly Fiske

Upside Down Workshops

72 pages of how to get started handstanding for complete beginners.

Visit @upsidedownworkshops for video tutorials of all the drills within this ebook.


  • Upside down anatomy hand to toe with information plus strength and flexibility drills for each area of the body. 
  • 6 alignment sections with information and drills
  • 6 wall drills
  • 5 freestanding drills
  • 4 handstand flashcards
  • 2 charts from The Book of Handstands: Pressure Points and Gaze Points.

Headstand to Forearm Stand

Alignment Flashcards

Headstand and Forearm Stand Transitions and Drills

Plus a Daily Vinyasa for Building Strength and Flexibility for Inversions from Upside Down Workshops.

43 pages

By: Holly Fiske


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