Yoga: One Size Fits All

Yoga began as a way to transcend the physical and continually reach for Samadhi or enlightenment.  

Yoga truly began as a one size fits all concept. The practice was not about the physical body as much as it was about the mind, and no amount of fabric can ever contain the capacity of the mind.

Why then, are so many yoga companies only creating clothing for a narrow & specific group of the world? Yogis come in all shapes and sizes, not just extra small, small, medium, and “large”.

The yoga world has been saturated by tiny limbs and perfect poses. But that is not yoga. Yoga embraces every curve and every skill level. Yoga is about the journey. Start where you are and never stop stretching and reaching for the next level.

It is heartbreaking to know that so many incredible women look at most yogis online and in the media and think that because they are not the mirror image of them, they aren’t yogis (or able to be yogis), too.

Our current fundraiser is about standing strong and tall in the shadow of the giant companies and corporations. Help us find the sunlight. Help us continue to create yoga apparel with the true meaning of yoga at its heart. Help us to grow so that we can offer the yoga community and the world beautiful eco and ethical options and include more and more sizes so that all yogis know that yoga is for them just as much as it is for those sporting the extra smalls. We currently offer sizes xs - xl in the clothing we manufacture.  We would like to add an xxl to the next production run we are currently fundraising for.

Of all the clothing industries, yoga apparel should be the most understanding, the most inclusive, the most ethical, and the most flexible.

Written by Nicole Rosen

Photo by Quarter Moon Company

of Dana Falsetto  @nolatrees


Holly Fiske