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PNW Yogadventure retreat


September 30th - October 4th, 2018

Leavenworth, WA


eco & ethical um...stuff

"I am obsessed with my new yoga pants by @umstuff. They are super comfy, earth-friendly, high quality and made in the U.S. (a woman owned business). Check them out. Worth every penny. I want them in every color so I can wear them every day."

- @conscioushealthymama


Photography by Jessica Alderson


the book of handstands

A photographic guide to strength building, the Ashtanga Primary Series, 30 handstand shape flashcards, 30 handstand flows, and more in 140 pages of full, beautiful color. All the tools you need to get started and all the information you need to grow; verbal and visual charts, posters and more.

Fun flows and in-depth flashcards for 30 different Handstand variations.  Anatomical verbal and visual breakdowns designed to give you break throughs. 

Fun visual charts include: The Handstand Gaze Chart, Avoiding Wrist Pain: The Pressure Point Plan,Taking a Closer Look - visual aids to common handstand cues, The 7 Basic Loops of Alignment, Anatomical Terms Reference Chart and more.

By: Holly Fiske


the book of arm balances

Over 100 pages of everything arm balances.  Building strength and flexibility and developing key areas of the body.  From attempting your first arm balance all the way to transitioning. PLUS and entire arm balance vinyasa!  Filled with information, charts and posters...everything you need to make your body your own personal jungle gym.

Arm Balances are the gateway posture to transitions and inversions where the sky is literally the limit.  Benefits include improving mental focus, balance, strength, flexibility and bone durability.  They are fun and approcachable and only take your own body to get started. 
The best part? You can begin playing with arm balances today!

By: Holly Fiske



Holly Fiske, mother of two, is the author of The Book of Handstands and The Book of Arm Balances, eco and ethical clothing designer (umstuff) and Yoga/movement teacher.  She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher certified through Yoga Medicine with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Sport Management from Washington State University.  As a sponsored yoga and stand up paddle board athlete, Holly shares her passion for motherhood, adventures and inversions with her Instagram audience as @upsidedownmama. Find Holly's online classes at